Advisor Accessible Pedestrian System (APS)

Product Overview:

Advisor APS

Advisor APS

Advisor APS is a fully integrated pedestrian station (FIPS) that provides the pedestrian with visual, tactile and audible information about the intersection crossing at the pedestrian station. Advisor provides the necessary information to understand the geometry of the crossing and the status of the walk display.


Advisor is a simple solution to existing pedestrian crossings. Installation is quick and straight forward. Each Advisor APS is independent gathering information from the signal sent to the walk display while utilizing the existing wiring from the traffic control cabinet.

Operating Features:

Ambient gain control adjusts audio volume to parallel ambient noise levels

Applicable Guidelines

    • MUTCD – meets and exceeds all guidelines
    • TAC – meets and exceeds all guidelines


    • Locator Tone
    • Acknowledgement message / tone / visual LED
    • Location Information message
    • Walk cycle tones / messages
    • Walk cycle vibrotactile signal
    • Clearance tones
Advisor Accessible Pedestrian System

Advisor Accessible Pedestrian System Specifications

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